Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Good news for me this morning; I worried that my resident mourning dove couple had been carried off by the string of strong wind and snow storms. As with their seasonal return every year through the years, It became their strong habit to greet me each morning all through their season here on my property, communing from the rail of the deck outside my window. Then after strong wintry storms, they were gone!. I could only hope they had found a more sheltered place. Would I see them again? IN THE SUNSHINE THIS MORNING, they came back! There they were on the the rail, looking at me---and beside them a pretty young nestling in the same blue-gray color of the parents. It was Mama and Papa and baby! I moved to the window seat & they moved closer, strutting and performing to keep my attention. I WAS SO GLAD TO SEE THEM! (AND I WELCOME THE NEW MEMBER OF THEIR FAMILY!