Thursday, April 22, 2021



10246235_10202360238706024_7484643666961694584_n (3).jpg
This is considered to be a historically accurate image of Grace Sherwood, known as the "Witch of Pungo," by historians of Pungo, in old Princess Ann Virginia.
When I was 14, I was told she and my mother, who also was raised in Princess Ann/Pungo, bore strong resemblance to each other in images of the two at about the same age. My mother and Grace Sherwood,  at different points in time, also both had familial connection with the Lynnhaven Church of Pungo, which in earlier times had declared Grace Sherwood to be a witch.

This photo is an old image of my late mother, Mary Ellen Bruce, and I always did see a familial likeness between images of both women. 
What do YOU think? Am I a descendant of a witch? There HAVE been some, I suppose, who might have agreed this would not surprise them. 
(Particularly after some of the fiery newspaper editorials I have written over the years).