Friday, April 3, 2020


I watched the ISS pass-over, and I enjoyed it. But it had nothing on the night sky itself.

The stars were spectacular; so large and bright it seemed I might have been transported upward among them; or had THEY come down to ME? It was as if I could reach up and touch them; like fruit on a tree.

The night itself was dark; no lights on the houses; no car lights; the sky and the air all around were ebony-dark. I LIVED in the stars; they were quiet; I had them all to myself ...

On my high deck I sat and did not intend to get up and go into the house, but even under my coat, I could feel the cold when the temperature sank to the 30s.

I went in and settled under warm quilts, and hoped for another spectacular star-gazing night such as this ... when the weather is warmer!