Saturday, March 23, 2019


THE CLARITY AND COLD today in my northeast Ohio arrived with a high-pressure system encompassing us from the North. It gives my northeast Ohio the rare potential to see the Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights) tonight. 
The possibility brings a lovely memory from the 1980s, when my middle teenage son Bryan had quietly awakened me around midnight."Shh" he whispered to me. "Come out to the deck! There's something you just HAVE to see!" ... And there it was above us! THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!
In gratitude and awe, we watched the long performance and its hours of bright, green, swirling  color. Somehow it even seemed to carry its own music. (Though I guess I knew that classic sound was in my head). 
I had seen the Northern Lights a few times as a child, but in the city where I lived, I never saw more than faded versions of what I would see in later years, at my country home, with my son Bryan. 
It was magical, a spectacle!  We didn't doze a bit; we watched until the Lights were gone; and it was more than worth remembering
Will I see it tonight? It's hard to say. I will try, but I'm much older now.
And suddenly and unexpectedly, this 79-year-old just seems to need a LOT MORE SLEEP than I needed in those years!