Saturday, October 6, 2018


     READY OR NOT, the rains combined with autumn winds bring down a lot of leaves.
     Overnight, the impenetrable green cloud of leaves around my "tree-house home" this season have thinned quite drastically, before they had much chance to strut their colorful stuff! I looked out my windows when the daylight came this morning, and there stood the tall, dark, handsome sentries of the elder trees, like druids standing guard around my house, and I could see great portions of my sky again! 
     Not an unattractive option for me, really, for you all know I love the sky. Still, I'm hoping for a spell of all those bright gold hues that have led me, over all my autumns here, to dub my lovely wooded autumn place as, "Midas Valley" throughout the months of fall.
      But, as this place has also taught me, Mother Nature has her own surprises through the seasons, and there was always something different, special and unique in every season.
      In that way, she taught me to accept and to appreciate; and through the seasons in the world around me, I became an ardent fan of every day and every month and every season.
       Content to live the Here and Now, whatever it might serve. 
                                                ~~~Rose Moore, October 2018