Saturday, March 31, 2018


Saturday morning, 4 a.m., 25 degrees...

I woke from sleep to see the valley mists had risen up to drink the light of a big, round moon, almost full, and the darkness glowed.

Big Dog and I walked under that big moon, and I did not really need the heavy metal flashlight I was carrying... unless, of course, I ran into a bear and could use it as a weapon?

Tomorrow is Easter, and I look forward to that holy, joyful day... though I would not be surprised if the weather pulled some sort of April Fool's joke on us. 

Over time on Easter, after all, we have been visited with every sort of weather a human could imagine... and a cold front IS predicted in my northeast Ohio, and in other places, speeding in to hit us late this afternoon; or overnight.

Of course, we could be hit by a runaway Chinese space station instead, so I won't complain about a little snow and cold!

Rose says happy Easter to you!