Tuesday, January 2, 2018


     I went into the cold, clear night, with that big moon the only light I needed. Surprisingly it left great areas of darkness that hosted quite a splendid splash of stars. It was worth the cold; I just had to see that sky!
    Already it was 4 degrees, and growing quickly colder. 
    Earlier my dog and I had watched a splendid sunset as it spread its light upon the snowy-pasted, tall tree tops, and zapped some neon onto joyful jet trails, in the clearest sky you'll ever see in our Ohio at this time of year.
     That, however, was enough for my pragmatic dog. He had gone into the house and crawled into his bed where it was warm, and he had fallen instantly asleep. 
      It was I who later bundled up and stood out in the cold and watched the stars alone. 
     Each of us in our own way had ended up our day in the way we found most satisfying.