Friday, January 12, 2018


LIFE IN THE BOG, now that daylight is here, is dark, ugly, wet, sloppy and muddy!
Atop the ground on over-saturated soil, inches of water lie like an over-all lake. Big Dog and I walk down the drive to the newspaper box, under a steady cold rain--careful not to raise our faces skyward and DROWN!
The propane man arrives, climbs down from his truck, and already he's soaking wet! He slogs down the watery slope to the tank on the lower-ground level, and I hold my breath and pray he doesn't end up sliding the rest of the way down on his back!
Big Dog carries with him--quite proudly--a fetching "Parfum de Wet Dog" aroma as he and I gratefully re-enter the warmth of the house.
This will not be a day for outdoor activity; at least not by choice!
NOW TELL ME--how's the weather at YOUR place?!