Wednesday, January 31, 2018


  • I wrote the following on January 30, 2018 at 4:14,  as an impulsive, free-form answer to my friend, meteorologist Andre Bernier on his WeatherJazz episode in which he asks his readers an "open-ended" question: HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRAY?
"I don't keep count, but it has to be fairly often, that I thank the Lord for all the good things that have visited my life; for they have brought me happiness and inspiration. I thank Him too for helping me to overcome the troubles and the sorrows, for they have made me stronger. I thank Him for the beauties that surround me; they are my consolation, and I promise Him I'll make a point of really seeing them, with eyes wide open. I sometimes ask Him how He came up with His plan for what my life would be; there was such a mix of everything as years went by. And yes, I talk with Him, almost story-like, about that life from my too-human point of view; as if He didn't know already. Sometimes I try to make Him laugh; and why not? He's the one who gave me such a deep appreciation of the value of the sense of humor. To me, my prayers to Him are much like walking with a friend, and sometimes that means I will be honest with Him when I feel grief or bitterness or disappointment; for that is what you do when you share your feelings with a friend. I rise early every day of every year to see the birth of each new day that He presents to me… I pray with joy; I pray with tears; I pray with laughter; I pray with love… and I pray that He will one day let me be again with all the loved ones I have lost."
                                                                  ---Rose Moore