Thursday, November 16, 2017


I like to stand in winter darkness 
among my woodland trees,
to look into the winter skies
and wish I could be transported upward, 
to walk among the stars.

Denuded of their leaves, 
trimmed and pruned and starkly 
sculptured by the winter winds, 
the trees around me stand with arms upraised, 
in tribute to the same skies I admire.

In the cold of long, dark winter nights, 
the stars do seem to grow, 
moving ever closer to me,
inviting me to touch them one-by-one 
with my own hands.

Yet I stand stricken into quiet stillness,
awed by an eternal miracle;
one among the many miracles 
that I, mere human, 
have the privilege to witness, 
as I walk God's earth.. 

          ---Rose Moore, Nov. 2017