Tuesday, May 23, 2017


   Last night's sunset took me by surprise. 
   I had retired early and was sinking into sleep, when suddenly I woke to see a sunset full of such variety of shade and color, and it seemed that it went on forever; adding beauty as it went along.
   God knows I see His messages in many things around me. Somehow this message seemed so deeply personal. I had laid my head down for the night when only dreariness was visible to me outside my window; and even in my heart. And now this dazzling sunset glowed before me, penetrating my fatigue and loneliness.
   It came to me that God might be reminding me that my Happy Warrior Bob approached his own sunset with grace and thankfulness; and finally relief and peace. He and God were hoping I could recognize and finally accept the beauty of that Truth.
   I did. And I slept well.
            --Bob's Rose, Sunday night, May 22 2017