Monday, May 8, 2017

A DOG MISSES HIS PAPA. His papa left with the EMTs, and he never came back.

This large framed photo of Bob has been leaning on the fireplace. It's everybody's favorite photo. 
I had set a big bouquet on the hearth, and this evening as I picked the wilted flowers up to throw them out, Our big dog Mick saw that photo. It was his PAPA! 
Mick put his nose against the picture and then laid down in front of it and wouldn't take his eyes away from it; not even to go to bed. 
He's still there, quiet, eyes glued to his Papa. Sad. How can you not love a dog like that? And how can you comfort him?

​P.S. This dog has been grieving since the day the EMTs left with his master. He has been watching from his "watching window" in the library, which we also call the "Morning Room," because that is where he, his master and I have started every day together.