Sunday, March 26, 2017


Mick and I walked out for the paper a few minutes ago. 

The clouds have thickened, but the sun is still finding a way to peer through. 

The bird-song has revved to up-tempo gospel; and so filled is the air with their spring hallelujahs you would think it was actually summer.

Happy days are here again!

Even my big dog is dancing in tune as we walk.


AFTER NOTE: In the month that followed this posting, there would be no dancing; no happy days; no hallelujahs over the weather; and no sunshine in my heart. Through the long sad days, we watched our dear Bob fail, suffer, go deeper and deeper into illness that would not respond to modern medicine.
Try as we might, we could do nothing to help him. And now he is gone from us.
Except in spirit and memories.
And there he will exist forever.
~~Bob's Rose. And Mick.