Saturday, January 28, 2017


    I love old books, and January is the time when I can vegetate and read through some of them again--perhaps with more deliberation than I did before. 
   Some January books I choose from off my shelves were bought and read by me when I was very young. Last week, for instance, I boated down the Mississippi River once again with Mark Twain, via "My Life on the Mississippi," his writings of his days as a Mississippi River pilot.
    I was a young teenager when I read that book the first of many times. It had been presented to me by a teacher who realized I was a fan of Twain and was aware that he had been a journalist, a career I planned to follow. 
    In that well-read book last week, inside the frontispiece, I rediscovered the short and simple poem written by me on the day my father died, when I was just 14. I haven't read that poem aloud to anyone but Bob, my husband. It makes me cry; even after all these years.
   Tonight as January wanes, a book I've taken off the shelf to read again is "Stephen Ambrose: To America: Personal Reflections of An Historian." I'll finish that book before the month is over, because then we're facing February, the month when Bob and I will happily immerse ourselves in garden books and seed catalogs.

    Yes, that's when garden-planning time arrives and Bob prepares to start his early plants from seed, under grow-lights in the lower level of our home.  
    (I guess I didn't tell you... I married Mr. Green Jeans.)

    Now I wonder ...  How do YOU spend January? 

(Rose Moore, who retired from journalism in April 2016, can be reached at Your comments are welcome).