Tuesday, August 2, 2016

THE NEW MOON... August 12, 2016

    THIS MORNING the new Moon rose with the sun. Had you been awake, you would not have seen it, For a new moon is too close to the sun to be seen by the eyes of a human standing on earth.

   Just as the new moon will always rise with the sun, it will also set with the sun. Though it won't be visible to my eyes, the moon-watcher in me will always know when it's there. 
    Its invisibility has one great advantage for stargazers like myself. Without the light of the moon, the night sky is darker than normal, and it won't be competing with my view of the stars. With no clouds forecast for my valley, the stars tonight will rule! And this night will hold a lot of the warmth of the day, making it a fine and comfortable time for sitting outdoors and enjoying that view. 
    Tomorrow the moon will be visible, though briefly, as a slender crescent in the west after sunset; its profile sketched with such a fine line it might well have been drawn with light from the finest of fine-line markers. 
     Some call it young moon at that stage. I do not. I always see the moon as the very old presence it actually is; and always one size, though that size is greater or lesser to the human eye, depending on the stage it has entered on any particular night.

young moon one or two days from full

MAY ALL OF YOU HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!---Rose Moore and the New Moon