Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Some people may appear to be mostly retired, but that's not necessarily true. Take me, for instance.

Here is photographic proof  of my side job, and few people know about it. During each summer and fall, I teach Santa's reindeer to fly! Occasionally I use your Concord Air Park runway for night practice (with no worry about fuel fill-ups, de-icing or carburetor icing!) And occasionally, during hunting season, I hide my in-residence, antlered flying-students in your old hangar.

The main purpose of this posting, at reindeer request, is to tell your flying community that the popular holiday song, "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" is nothing more than scandalous gossip. The reindeer are not guilty of such dastardly behavior, and I should know. For I am Grandma--though perhaps not all of my grandchildren might care to admit that some of the time. 

I am and always have been a good friend of---(and a card-carrying believer in---Santa. Why else would he trust me with Rudolph and the rest of his reindeer for annual flight training and re-certification?

Santa thinks, the reindeer think, and I also think, that "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" is the all-time absolutely worst Christmas song ever written. A song this hateful doesn't even quality as a Christmas song. The reindeer and Santa do not take well to that song. Anyone who plays it, requests it or even THINKS about singing it is booted off the NICE list forever!

Thanks for the use of your facilities! And Merry Christmas to you!

(Photo by Bob Moore 1999)