Sunday, October 11, 2015



On this crisp and classic autumn day, when sunshine and blue skies bring special brightness to the autumn color, I am looking for a mundane bit of clothing generally reserved for working men. A hardhat!
   Along my woodland paths grow giants, in the form of vintage English walnuts; mammoth wild cherry trees; oaks and others.
   And as my dog and I walk daily in these places, he delights in acorns, nuts, walnuts, cherries... a variety of wild fruits he can ferret out along the woodsy ground.
   I, however, have begun to realize I am a frequent target for these soft and hard-shelled fruits. My head is hard, but not that hard...
   Oh where are all those hard hats my construction husband and our boys used to keep at ready hand in our garage and barn? Gone! just when a woman could use them!

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Commentary comes from Susan Luhta Price of Alabama: "That is funny, Rose. You should be glad, however, that was the biggest thing you have to contend with. My cousin who lives in Key West was hit by a falling coconut. Now that will leave a knot in your head!

From Rose back to Susan Luhta Price, 10-11-2015: "NOW I remember what happened to that hat, Susan! I spray-painted it bright red and gave it to a friend for an October Red-Hat luncheon. She won the Halloween hat contest!"--Rose