Saturday, January 3, 2015


This was posted today on my Facebook timeline, coming from my friend Mary Horrigan and originating from an entity that refers to itself as VINTAGE LIFE.

On this subject, I have some thoughts of my own to share: I know for a fact that dancing is more fun than texting or phoning.

In our 54 years as husband and wife, Bob and I have done a lifetime of dancing. Dancing brought joy to our lives; oh, how we've loved it!

Sadly in our older years, my husband's body and health problems no longer allowed him to dance. That doesn't mean our dancing was over.

We have continued to dance in our hearts.

And always together, in step with the music and each other.


Thursday, January 1, 2015


January 1st, 2015.

   The first day of the New Year is here, and I welcome it in my own everyday way---witnessing the passing of the night and the arrival of the dawn.

   Today at 6 a.m., my big dog Mick and I hurried through our glacial pre-dawn walk beneath a morning star that looked as frosty-cold as we were. And then the light of day arrived, wrapped in smutty apricot. 
    I stood there with my dog and greeted the new day and the new year. And I made a promise I repeat quite often in my life, in every season, and it is this:
    "I intend to make the best of today and every day, and to do what I can do to make life better for my loved ones too, and for the people who must live around me."
    This is not a New Year's resolution; it's a way of life for every day of every year, and it has made my own life better.
     ~~Rose Moore, citizen of my family, my neighborhood, my community, my country and the earth.