Saturday, August 30, 2014


"Above the world is stretched the sky/No higher than the soul is high" ---Edna S. Vincent Millay, from her poem, "Renaissance"...


THE BIG BLUE BIRDS ARE BACK IN TOWN AGAIN at our grand, historic Cleveland National Air Show at Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland (home of the International Women's Air & Space Museum).  
We are wishing open skies to them and all the other spectacular teams and sky machines and aviators here among us on this Labor Day weekend of 2014.

It's great to have the Air Show back; oh, how we missed it! And it would seem that we've been missed as well. The schedule is stunning; packed with pop and pomp and punch!




Thursday, August 28, 2014


To my grandniece Emily and her beloved Wyatt who will soon be married: I wish we could be with you on that blessed day, but unfortunately that isn't possible. Instead, I share some thoughts I wrote during Bob's and my Golden Anniversary week in 2010. I have a feeling they will match the attitude with which the two of you are entering your union.
"In these times, marriage has been the subject of a great deal of controversy. Most of what is printed usually delves into such things as the government's role, the political questions, the gay versus straight, the religious side, the history and a whole lot more.
     In our golden anniversary week in September 2010, perhaps by mere coincidence, we found a pamphlet in our mailbox with the headline, "What is marriage for?" Bob and I chose not to pay attention to such a question. For us it was enough to know what marriage has been for the two of us.
    We have had a strong and loving partnership. We have worked together and played together; raised children together and married those children off; lost loved ones and gained loved ones...
    We have learned things and forgotten things; made money and lost money; gloried over triumphs and together handled disappointments; lived with health and lived with illness... 
    We have laughed and we have cried. Our years have been filled with joys as well as sorrows, but they have never NOT been filled with love. We have lived a great many more years as a married couple than we lived as single people, and we have never NOT wanted to be with each other.
    As another anniversary nears for Bob and me, we are grateful for the years we've had together, and we pray for as many more as providence can send us.
    So, what is marriage for? For us it's been the way to live, and we've been blessed.
    We wish a plentitude of blessings to the two of you as well."

     Love from Bob and Rose
"Just an old married couple--more than half a century with each other"