Saturday, December 20, 2014


  It was Christmas Eve night,
  Santa's reindeer were hitched,
  But there was a problem
  because Santa was sick!

  A call went out urgently
  To the Moores---Bob and Rose---
  Who were feeling the spirit
  From their head to their toes.

  With their Doberman hitched
  To their racy red car,
  They soared upward like magic
  And were soon in the stars.

  With his Rose riding shotgun
  And the wind at his back,
  Bob broke the speed record
  and emptied the sack.

  But he mixed up addresses
  As he rushed through the job---
  If you got the wrong present
  Or missed one... BLAME BOB!

  (Happy Christmas Season from Bob, Rose, their dog & the elves!)