Wednesday, October 8, 2014


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When my big dog Mick woke me up, I shut him in and felt my way across the living room to the big bank of floor-to-ceiling west windows, and Yes! The ,sky was clear, and that was not expected. I could watch the moon as it was being slowly swallowed by the sun. What must the native Americans of our early days have thought of this!

And the moon, positioned as it was, was in the perfect spot for me. It was mirrored in my creek, and so I had a double vision of the spectacle. I could lie in comfort on the long seat at the windows, to watch the full moon slowly turn into a crescent.

The most unexpected side effect outdid the moon. As the bright full moon became a sliver of itself, the sky grew ever inkier, and the stars grew ever brighter, and much larger. It seemed to me that I could see so many stars I hadn't seen before, and some of them seemed larger than my eyes.

Toward the point where no moon at all would still be visible, the star effect was growing by the second, as though I myself was being lifted up among them.

True, by the time the moon was reappearing in all its glowing glory, it was sliding down behind the treetops. No matter; the stars were putting on their show for me until a bawling dog began to call.

Time for our morning walk. Mick and me and the morning star. And the morning star may be feeling neglected today.