Friday, October 24, 2014


2011 photo of my autumn Christmas tree
    In 2009, beavers took a lot of trees from our back property, and I openly worried about a little sapling that had held its golden leaves past autumn every year, far beyond the other trees. 
     Its leaves were curved and balanced in such a way it looked (to me, anyway) like a golden Christmas tree.   One afternoon in late October 2010, I looked out the window and saw Bob installing a protective fence around that sapling, to protect it from the varmints. He had responded to my open worry about that baby tree.
    In October 2011, as dusk was settling in, I took a photo of that little sapling (left foreground of the photo), for it had grown a lot since the previous October---thanks to my husband, who knew his effort to protect the tree impressed me! Better than diamonds and candlelight!
     And now I share a brand new photo of that tree, taken just after sunset on this evening of October 2014. The tree is thriving, growing tall and lovely; taller every year.
    I still see it as my autumn Christmas tree. Every year its brightly tinted leaves still cling beyond the winter holiday. It still impresses me.
    So does my husband, whose down-to-earth, romantic efforts saved that tree.