Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Weather. Never boring. Always something beautiful, even in the gloom, if you care to look.
Yesterday was a fascinating weather day, beginning in the morning with the sort of spectacular sunrise that makes you know that storms are on the way.
Rains all day, but oh the drama of the clouds! I didn't try to photograph them; I just gawked!
And then the end of day, the skies began to clear and the west horizon suddenly looked like Mother Nature had applied a pot of rouge to her cheeks.
And then at bedtime, I glanced out and saw a bright half-moon moving through the tree branches and lighting up the creek.
It made me wonder; if I stayed awake all night, what would I see? If I fell asleep, what would I miss?
I couldn't help it; I fell asleep.
And awoke to fog and gloom.
By 10 a.m. the sun had burned off all the fog. It was all blue skies and sunshine, still and cloudless. Lighting up the sunflowers on my upper deck.
Weather! I love it!