Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Bob, Rose and Lady in our valley, in the Fall of 1991. We had bought this property because we loved the land. We spent a lot of time there, having lunches on the tailgate of our truck, watching suns rise and set... before we decided to break ground and live there.
Our house itself was born on Easter Sunday, April 1992, when we descended into the thickness of our woodland to begin the work of clearing. We had Easter dinner there, such as it was. It was a Holy Day, a day for worship, but I think the good Lord understood that we were setting into place our plans for life in a beautiful spot that would remind us of His wonders every day. In "Valley Songs," a journal I had begun about that property and our love for it, I set down these words about that day:

Our first valley Easter,
this land newly ours,
we sat in the chilly Spring air.

Our grown kids were here,
and our daughters-in-law,
and a few miscellaneous souls.

Someone brought flowers they had
plopped in a beer can,
and we toasted ourselves with hot drinks.

Our Easter attire
was flannel and denim
embellished with work gloves and boots.

We communed with our chain saws
and worked up a sweat
as we cleared us a place for our home.

We greeted cold dusk
with a great lusty campfire
and allowed it to burn through the night.

It was exciting like Christmas
and a bit like Thanksgiving
and already a whole lot like home.

Rose  Moore--Easter 1992

Bob and Mark and ski-steer loader on our valley property on Easter 1992