Monday, April 14, 2014


With April here and Easter very near, I found this ode to April in my journals. April is a free-form month, and in my life I've seen its many faces. I share this to remind you, as it reminded me, that Springtime always does arrive eventually, in its own good time, however late it seems to us, and whatever happens in the meantime. (I add two photos from this April 2014 in my valley).

April Morning 2014

Deep snow this morning put a grizzled face on April, and I complained:
"What an awful April day this is; what a nasty, awful snowy April day!"
And then I conjured in my mind the magic of some different April days,
the sweet-surprise-you April days, beaming sunny, warm and cheerful,
sandwiched brilliantly between the final-winter-tantrum April days of
clouds and rain and ice and snow and gloom...
The blithe and charming, sexy and seductive days of April witchcraft 
prancing in on kindly breeze and softening sun, precious and more prized
than later days of spring and summer, and richer by rambunctious contrast...
And I at once forgive the awful April day and its unexpected cold and snow.
It's the price I pay, I realize, and it's a small one for the glory of those other April days.
---Rose Moore April 3, 1994 (from my "Valley Songs," written on a deep-snow Easter morning which was preceded by a sunny day of 70 degrees).

                                                             April Evening 2014

(Attached photos taken on my property in April this year, a few days apart).