Friday, March 29, 2013


Why do I love the sky?
Why, oh why, WOULDN'T I?
Today the sky's a place
Where I can see God's face.
               ---Rose Moore
                   Good Friday 2013


It's Good Friday, and I smile to think of a Good Friday quite a few years ago, when a local church canopy with a cross on top had been knocked down earlier in the week by an oversized delivery truck.
The pastor contacted my eldest son Mark with hopes he could have the canopy and the cross replaced in time for Easter. Mark made the promise; it would be a rush job, cut very close.
On Good Friday, the last item to be completed was the cross; it was built, painted and ready to go. Not thinking of the significance of the day, Mark showed up at the church with the cross and due to Good Friday services had to park down the street and carry that big heavy cross to the church.
So careful and painstaking was he, struggling along in his work clothes, and people began to gather around.
Suddenly it dawned on my first-born... they thought HE was the Good Friday pageant!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


April may arrive with snow in my northeast Ohio. It's not that rare; April in Ohio is a free-form month of many faces, and we've even had a snowy April Easter! I found this ode to April in my journals, and I share it to remind you, as it reminded me, that Springtime always does arrive in its own good time, not ours.---r.m.m.

           APRIL DAYS...

Snow this morning put a grizzled face on April
and I complained:
Some awful April day this is,
some awful, snowy April day.
And then I conjured in my mind
the magic of some different April days;
Some sweet-surprise-you April days,
beaming sunny, warm and cheerful April days;
sandwiched brilliantly between the
cloudy, rainy, icy, snowy,
cold and gloomy,
final-winter-tantrum April days;
Days of April witchcraft,
prancing in on kindly breeze and softening sun,
blithe and charming,
oh seductive April days;
Precious and more prized than later days
of spring and summer,
richer by rambunctious contrast,
gladsome, bright and sunny,
warm and sexy siren April days.

--from rose moore's "Valley Songs," written April 3, 1994 on a deep-snow Easter morning in my valley, preceded by a day of 70 degrees.

ATTACHED early-April photos are from different years in my northeast Ohio snowbelt valley:
--"Easter Snow" was photographed on an April Easter! --"Spring Green Around The Creek" was taken on an April 1st in a year when spring growth came very early.--"Leafless Trees Against An April Sky" is from an Arbor Day one year when spring growth came late.   CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO ENLARGE FULL-FRAME.