Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Readers of my newspaper column always ask me at this time of year what my New Year's resolutions will be. And I always admit that I have never made them.

Why not? I'm not really sure. Perhaps I haven't wanted to disappoint myself if I haven't kept them.

Or perhaps I simply never made the ceremonial "big deal" about the change from one year to another. After all, I sometimes joke, that change only means I have to remember to write a new date on my check, and that's something I don't adapt to overnight. Sometimes, in fact, the next year has already come along at about the same time I've finally begun to write the correct date; and then it's not correct anymore!

And what about New Year's Eve? That never meant a lot to me either. I think such habits begin early, and since I never had a date on New Year's Eve, it never emerged as an important thing on my calendar.

As a teen, instead of a date, I would be looking forward to the baby-sitting money I could bring home on New Year's Eve---double the usual hourly rate; and sometimes more! And because my customers stayed out later on that night, the dollars really added up.

Was I a greedy girl? No. I was simply a girl who was one of the older children of a very large family, and my father had died when I was just 14. Helping to bring money into the household was important, and so was school. That required balance.

I enjoyed life; I enjoyed high school; I loved my classmates and still do. But my worries were different from the concerns of a lot of young girls of that time.

Go ahead---share with me your New Year's Eve adventures and misadventures, and share with me the New Year's resolutions you will make and break. I enjoy hearing about them.

But, as always, the old year will end and the new one will begin without any real help from me. I will be sleeping soundly when the change occurs.

However, I do wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy new year. And I sincerely mean that.

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