Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We call this our "Penthouse Garden." I planted this garden on our high deck after my husband returned home from a hospital visit.
The seeds went into the soil a bit late for the bloom period of the tall zinnias and sunflowers, so I added a few marigold plants of various types, plus red salvia and silver artemesia, to add instant color.
My husband could see his "garden" as he sat inside in his easy chair, or as he relaxed outside on the deck.
The sunflower and zinnia plants themselves grew tall, and even though the bloom has been delayed, we have learned to appreciate the tall plants for themselves--without the flowers.
We enjoy watching them dance back and forth in the breezes... or when they stand like tall soldiers, not moving.
Against the light of the sun going down at the end of the day, they take on a certain transparency, like stained glass.
Moonlight gives the plants an additional glow, like veils of green water falling over the eaves; or green waterfalls flowing upward..
Today, on Aug. 13, 2013, we see the brightness of red zinnias opening behind these "waterfalls"... We see the sunflower buds, days away from exploding into sunny yellow...
That will be beautiful too.