Friday, August 2, 2013



   My name is Mick. I am a great big dog. My mama person and I just played a good long game of soccer. I don't really know who won, but she wore out before I did!...
   Uh-oh, here she comes again... a bit on the slow side, I'd say...

   NOW COMES Game #2--"Weeding versus Dispersal."
     The term "versus" indicates opposing teams---my mama person being the one-woman "Weeding Team", and me being the one-dog "Dispersal Team."
     Dispersal means I dance away with the weeds before dispersing them back to the gardens when she isn't looking!
     (Here's where we could use an umpire!)
     These are strictly intermurals; there are no leagues for K9 vs. Mama games.
      That's because my mama always wants to make the rules!

Rose Moore's photo.

   A favorite half-time concert---a new one, and I love it---is the music of an August afternoon.
   I discovered it today.  
   It is the song of the cicada, and it always sets you up for a siesta.
   The best place to enjoy this is when you're lying flat in the shade of a beautiful tree.
   My mama person joined me in the audience for this performance.
   Not every place in our America has this magic music.
   But my mama says that every place SHOULD!