Sunday, June 2, 2013


Some years ago, my husband Bob spent the winter creating a good number of self-watering plant boxes so he could grow a vegetable garden on one of the sunniest spots in our tree-studded valley... our backyard deck, high above the creek.

Very early every year after that, Bob would install his grow-lights in our basement and plant his special choice of plants from seed. Like the devoted gardener he is, he would nurse them through the indoor growing season, and then after our last outdoor frost, he would carefully transplant the resulting plants to the deck-top garden. Without fail, they would always be good proof of his Jack and the Beanstalk garden talents. His plants were exceptional!
This year, due to extended recovery from illness, his self-watering plant boxes sat unused on the deck, filled with a fine crop of---you guessed it!---WEEDS! Though he never said so, I could see that bothered him a lot.
A few nights ago, I had a vivid dream in which I de-weeded and prepared the soil in those boxes, and then planted them with flowers he loves, including different types of zinnias and a variety of branching sunflowers.

I awoke from that dream with a fine sense of purpose, and all too soon I was at the nursery, looking at packets of seeds. The blooms of one of the sunflowers I chose to include in the plantings were of such a tender yellow, I visualized the possibilities of seeing these large flowers glowing under a full summer moon. The name of this flower was MOONWALKER. With an inner smile I found the name appropriate for a long-married couple like us, who from the beginning have always loved to walk or dance in the summer moonlight!
The garden is planted today! Very soon my Bob will be able to see the first green seedlings of his own penthouse flowers. Later we two will be able to bask in the sunshine among the bright zinnias or dance in the moonlight among the Moon Walker sunflowers... Whatever we choose and whenever we choose; without taking more than one impulsive step outside our patio door.

Rich man or poor... wouldn't YOU enjoy such a garden?