Tuesday, April 2, 2013


     The life of Donald K. Moore was celebrated today, April 2nd of 2013. Baumgardner's Funeral Home in Andover, OH was filled to the brim with his family and friends. Donald was born on Valentine's Day in 1929. He and his widow Barbara (Coultas) Moore were married 63 years.
     To this union were born four children, from whom originated a grand, loving army of 13 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. 
    Among these grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Donald's granddaughter Tamara Moore Kinzie moved us all with her spoken words, delivered on behalf of all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Donald Moore.
     I share her words with you:

Grandpas are men who unknowingly produce a response of "awe" in the eyes of their grandchildren. They are tall and strong and when they speak, everyone listens.

They sit at the head of the table, and not a noise can be heard as they tell their stories of hunting in the incredible mountains out West or fishing in the great Gulf of Mexico in a boat one might find in a small lake. It didn't matter that the water was less than three feet deep…it was still the great big ocean to the grandchildren, and grandpa was taking charge of it.
There is a laughter that comes from a grandpa that is contagious and draws the grandchildren closer. It makes us want to laugh with him, even if we don't know what it is he's laughing about.

Grandpas are the ones everyone seeks in the crowd at the family picnic. For the child searching out their parent, if you find grandpa, you find your dad.

If there was laughter in the crowd, most likely he was the one telling the story. If there was silence and faces struck with awe or suspense, it was him again, telling a tall tale or some lavish story of an adventure in his younger years.

The stories always seemed to be ones no one ever heard before and no other man had done such great things or overcome such incredible obstacles.

Grandpa knew things that only he could know. To the grandchild, he knew everything. God blessed grandpas with this ability to entertain and share their lives in such a way that makes them the hero of the family for generations to come.
It is impossible not to pass on the legacy of a man so great that it was an honor for his grandchildren to be in his presence. It didn't matter what was taking place. From cleaning out the cages of his hunting dogs, to standing along side him fishing in the pond, being with grandpa meant a memory that would last a lifetime.

On behalf of all his grandchildren, we cherish these memories and thank God for the time he put this man on earth to fill the admired and larger-than-life role of being our grandpa.