Tuesday, February 26, 2013


On our path in the woodland, Mick and I stopped in our tracks in the darkness and watched the moon rise over the ski hill... It was cold; I slipped my hands into the pockets of my coat, and realized I had my little camera there. And so I share this photo with you.
Our creek-fed wooded acreage faces the Big Creek Slopes of the historic Cleveland Ski Club--"The Mountain in Our Front Yard." Many years ago, the mult-generation club was based at Valley View, Ohio. Its membership investigated other possible locations in the region, to find a slope that might support a longer skiing season, and Concord Township proved to be the answer.
Here in our valley, our temperatures in winter are colder, and these scenic slopes support the snow for at least two weeks longer than other places do. It extends our winters here on both ends, and the snows are lovely as it drapes itself with grace and beauty across the undulating lands.

We are away from the city, and our winter skies are highly visible and star-splashed; and when the moon is on display above the glistening snow, it tosses shadows through the trees, drawing exclamation points across the whiteness of the forest floor.  
Yes, winter is extraordinary for us in our valley. And while others whine about the winter cold and snow, we have the night-time "artificial moonlight" of these slopes where skiers and snowboarders of all ages play.
We are watchers, not skiers, and we can sip hot beverages and watch the action from the comfort and warmth of our small library with its big windows.
I guess that makes us "Ski Bunnies---Once Removed"!