Sunday, January 6, 2013


Was it canine intelligence? Instinct? Consideration, either for him or for me or for us both?
Yesterday's winds left a limb across our woodland path. Mick likes to pick up such things in his teeth and prance like a prince all over the yard. He quickly discovered this one was too big for that!
He did the next best thing. Using his strength and all the force of his big body, he pulled the branch completely off our path; so much so, we wouldn't be brushing so much as a branch or a twig off that limb as we walked.
It was quite a process to watch!
You've heard of Luke Skywalker; I call this dog Mick Woodswalker.
Like the old U.S. Mail standard ethic, he accompanies me faithfully along the woodland paths of our property... be it rain or snow or shine or mud; winter, summer, autumn, spring...