Thursday, December 27, 2012

THE FULL MOON OF DECEMBER: What would YOU name it?....

After midnight tonight, if your weather allows, you may have the privilege of viewing the full moon of December.

Our Native Americans, depending on their tribes, had many names for this moon... the Moon of the Long Night; the Big Winter Moon; the Moon that makes the Trees Crack; The Big Hard Face Moon... and more!

These and other Native American names for the full moon of December reflected their great and well-placed fear of the cold and hardships of the season, when their very survival was threatened.

We modern Americans live far more safely and comfortably than the early Native Americans (or even our early white settlers). We should give some thought to adopting our own names for the full moon of the month of December.

Perhaps: The Christmas Moon; the Moon of the Silent Nights; the Moon of the Outdoor Lights and the Indoor Trees; the Moon of the Bells and Carols; the Moon of the Fireside; the Moon of the New Year Waiting; the Moon of the Family Gatherings; the Moon that Lights the Fields...

Or, to be more practical: The Moon of the Sky-High Fuel Bills; the Moon of the Snow Tires and Chains; the Moon of the Shovels and Snow Blowers; the Moon of the Heavy Quilts; the Moon of the Boots, Coats, Scarves and Gloves; the Moon of the Salt Trucks and Slush...

(Well, YOU get the idea!)

Share your own name-suggestions for the full moon of December. Email this blog via

And please, no profanity!

(Moon photo by Rose Moore)