Thursday, May 10, 2012


One of Ray's last treasures was his last Thanksgiving, spent Nov. 2011 by him with his wife Nan, his great-nieces Maddie and Katie Moore and their parents Mark and Chris Moore. The happiness shows, and I'm glad they shared this photo with me, via iPhone./>


In this photo, you'll notice my brother Ray is on crutches. After he was diagnosed (already stage 4), he continued his running until he could run no longer; then he walked until he could walk no longer; then he moved along with crutches, then a wheel chair... When he was confined to bed and could no longer move around at all, he did his best to see and appreciate and enjoy the good people and good things around him. His spirit never left until his life was over. ANOTHER TREASURE WAS our brother Ben, who drove alone from the west coast to North Carolina to help Nan take care of Ray in his last four months. And our sister Mary who called Ben every day from Virginia to provide moral support. And Ben's family, who gave their blessings for Ben to be away on that sad mission for so long. And the angels of UNC Hospice. And no doubt many others I do not know about and apologize for not listing. Together, we all miss Ray./>