Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This prediction comes from our local Groundhog, Huntsburg Kevin of Geauga County, Ohio:

"I came out of my hole today...

My hard-hat blew off, so I knew it was windy...

My hair got wet, so I knew it was rainy...

My glasses steamed up, so I saw NOTHING!

And so... My prediction is for a sloppy, nothing-sort-of-a-spring which will come when it damn well pleases... as usual.

Now back to my hole before the drunken tourists find me and make me as miserable as my pal Phil in Punxatawney, in Pennsylvania."

(Rose About Town is a personal friend of Groundhog Kevin of Huntsburg. For his protection, she will not reveal the location of his burrow).

Monday, January 31, 2011


The traffic today in a small town in an adjacent county was busy, as usual; State Route 44, after all, runs through that town.

As we were stopped on a side road, waiting for a red stoplight to turn green, we noticed a semi truck and trailer making its way through traffic.

We noted a Louisiana license plate on the back of the trailer, and the name of Sala on the side.

But most of all, we noted, THE DRIVER WAS BUSILY TEXTING! And his mind and eyes were deeply involved in that, and not in his driving.

If that driver were to run his mammoth vehicle into the back end of the traffic ahead of him, it would be more than a fender bender.

Phone conversation while driving is bad enough, but it surely would have been a safer thing for that driver than TEXTING!

Texting, I say, is the new "drunk driving."

(Rose About Town wonders what you think can be done about that, welcomes your comments at ---to be shared on this blog site, with or without your name---or not at all---according to your request.)