Saturday, November 26, 2011


If I had been Santa, and I'd have dinged up my shiny new fire-engine red sleigh on Christmas Eve, I couldn't have felt worse.
The "ding victim" I speak of today is our Magnum RT in Inferno Red; with 19" tires, moon roof, Hemi engine with fuel-saving 4/8 horsepower; a Mercedes-computerized stability package and a whole lot of other good things.
It has been spunky, responsive, sporty and fun, and maneuverable to the nth degree. We have continued to love it as much as we did when it was delivered in October 2004.
In the 7 years since, it has spent lots of good time on the road with us---boonying around town; exploring country roads; travelling to out-of-state places; cruising on warm summer evenings---and we have never stopped enjoying this car. To us, it has continued to seem perennially new!
This morning I was backing out of the garage when (for whatever reason) a sudden explosive sneeze racked my body; so violent a sneeze I still feel sore in my rib cage. In mid-sneeze I heard a sickening THUNK! Oh no! Sure enough, the sneeze had apparently caused me to turn the wheel... and the car and the door-frame collided.
And Oh!  the poor car up to this episode has never been dented or scratched. Its showroom-fresh looks have been maintained with such a good, reflective shine that it was impossible today to get my camera to adequately show the depth of the brand new crease in the left front fender.
Oh Rose! Through more than 50 years of driving, you have never been the sort to crease your car backing into or out of a garage or anything else. And it had to be our Magnum when you did!
Bob was forgiving, though his face fell when he saw the car; it even broke the heart of the body-shop man who details the car each year, and who falls in love with our car whenever he sees it.
He hasn't yet presented the estimate!