Saturday, September 3, 2011


Lately Bob and I have become fans of HGTV (House and Garden TV). It's been so good for us to learn our home is out of date; it's surprising just HOW out of date!

On HGTV, we watch the couples follow realtors through newer homes with baths and kitchens that look pristine, and we hear the couples say, "Of course we'd have to gut this... it need serious updating."

We see the couples standing in airy and nicely carpeted rooms and we hear them say, "Of course this carpet has to go; we want hardwood everywhere."

We watch customers with the tightest of budgets insisting on granite counter tops; stainless steel appliances; marbled bathrooms, plus room for a "man cave" and a craft room and an office and an outdoor kitchen and other such "basics."

The longer we watch, the more we have begun to realize how far behind and seriously lacking we have become. We built this place in 1993, and we've been so happy here we haven't even been aware of our shortcomings.

How could we have gone so long without seeing that everything around us in our home is out of date; including US! Every bit of everything around us needs gutting and updating; including us.

Worst of all, House and Garden fans, we're still happy with our house; and with each other!

We think we'll stay...