Thursday, July 28, 2011



I have never NOT been a gardener; gardens are my glory and they always have been.
Years ago a man drove in to tell me that my front-yard gardens had given him great pleasure; and he loved to look at them as he drove by.
"Whether my day has been good, or whether it has been bad," he told me, "Seeing your gardens has never failed to make me feel better."
And then he dropped a bombshell; he was COLOR-BLIND!
How, then, could my gardens give him pleasure; they were always colorful.
He explained to me that he could see my gardens though texture and balance and contrast. And from that day forward, as I planted my gardens, I tried to see them as he would see them.
I am a gardener who has photographed my gardens every year, in all their stages. And now I also photograph them in black and white, and it has taught me something.
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