Friday, June 24, 2011


Girls will be girls--sometimes sugar and space, and sometimes NOT! To illustrate, I share these two photos.

One is of Rose, your blogger, demurely watching her little brothers as they cool off in a porcelain "pool" of water; circa 1946.

The other is of Rose's summer-rowdy grandaughters and their friends after a muddy ride through the boonies on their ATVs; Summer 2011.

The 1946 photo may show your blogger as a sweet, clean girl in a lady-like summer dress, but her interior spirit was much like the "mud babes" in the 2011 photo.

She may have been required in those "good old days" to try to maintain a lady-like appearance. But it has to be said that she occasionally sneaked away to climb trees, swing on vines, go fishing, dig foxholes, play in the dirt...

Oh, how she would have loved to behave like these modern-day "mud babes"!

Go for it, Girls!!