Friday, April 16, 2010


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The morning sky indicates a weather change for the worse, and the tiny garden beside the white fence has yet to be planted. It will, no doubt, be waiting a few more days while we use the cold, rainy forecast as an excuse to be lazy for a few more days.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


*When will the global warming people find a way to blame global warming for arthquakes and volcanoes?...
*Since the last ice age ended long before our modern high population numbers, factories, automobiles, etc., what started the warming of the globe in that era?...
*If you've been around awhile and have always had a keen interest in meteorology and weather, you have learned that weather and climate was, is and always will always be changeable and unpredictable. And it was no surprise to people like us when the global warming people replaced that term with "climate change." It was the only way they could plausibly explain things when their predictions didn't necessarily pan out...
*Some people firmly believe that man and his activities are the cause of global warming. These are often the same people who keep their summer air conditioning set in the low and mid 60s...
*Our recent taste of tough winter---which wasn't even close to our old-fashioned tough winters---has caused some people to decide global warming is preferable to global cooling...

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Monday, April 12, 2010


After an extended, deep-snow, northeast Ohio winter, everyone can use a laugh.
In a woodland near our home, this potty emerged from the melting snow, lying on its side where it had obviously been dumped.
I'd smile every time I passed it, and I was tempted to return sometime after dark, to set the toilet upright and plant bright flowers in it--for the pleasure or displeasure of passers-by, depending on their attitude.
Today I drove by and noticed that a fellow mischief maker had set the toilet upright and accessorized it with a roll of toilet tissue on a rock beside it.
Now when I pass, I'll remind myself the potty sits within feet of the roadway, well within view if a desperate traveller should decide to use it.
And I will chuckle and thank whoever it is that obviously has a devilish mind like my own.

Happy springtime to you all from R.A.T. (Rose About Town)

DAY TWO... 9 a.m. The toilet paper's gone. Make of that what you will.

DAY THREE... Very early in the morning. Now the potty has a toilet brush. (I did marvel at its cleanliness when I first saw it; maybe it has a maid).

DAY FOUR... The toilet paper's back! Wonder if Mr. Mischief will install a toilet paper holder next!

DAY FIVE... The toilet's gone; the paper is still there.

DAY SIX... Now the toilet tissue is gone; the game seems to be over, but I find myself looking at the spot every time I pass it. Which means, it might now be a good spot for a billboard.