Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Oh boy! I have my 69-year-old eyes and ears glued to the TV news...
Coming up next, they say, is a doctor who thinks he has found a cure for alzheimers! If his formula doesn't include geriatric euthanasia, maybe that's one less worry as we age.
R.A.T. (Rose About Town) signs off so she can pay attention. If I remember.

Oops! here he is now... He says he's very close to the cure, and (I should have figured) all he needs is MORE MONEY!!

(RATS! Maybe I can sell my snake oil and send him a donation).

Monday, January 25, 2010

NOT ME!...

When my three sons (now grown with children of their own) were young, I used to blame them for introducing a FOURTH son into our household.

That son, I told them, was an illusive character by the name of "NOT ME!" He would tend to show up whenever I'd ask my regular sons, "Who's responsible for this!"

My boys (and probably most kids) outgrew this annoying character. Now it seems there are scads of grown-up NOT MEs running around in government, and they're not necessarily restricted to any particular party.

What DO we do with them?

Oops! R.A.T. (Rose About Town) is grinding her teeth again!


"Americans will never know what's in this bill until after it's been passed."--David Axelrod, White House Senior Advisor, DEFENDING his boss'es health care reform.
'Nuff said!
R.A.T. (Rose About Town), grinding her teeth