Monday, August 2, 2010


This posting may generate a lot of vitrol from some readers of this blog. But I have to say, it's time for us to stop throwing darts at LeBron James.

He's a 24-year-old who signed with the Cavs right out of high school. Most young men of his age are only just beginning the maturing process, and why should LeBron be an exception?

This young human being had not been involved in crime and scandal. He had done a lot of good things within the community, particularly its young people. He showed his love for his community in many ways.

When he didn't come through at the play-offs---whatever was going on behind the scenes---he was greeted with boos almost as boisterous as the cheers that erupted when he was winning.

At 24 years old, when a young man has a lot of personal maturing to do, what must he have been thinking? Could he have been telling himself: "I loved these people and I thought they loved me. But I'm just a piece of meat to them. I'm only important for what they can get out of me."

Yes, Z (who is also well loved in Cleveland) did write an open letter to Cleveland when he transferred from the Cavs to the Heat. But Z has had more years to mature; I think LeBron will also mature.

Leave him alone and let the process begin.

POSTSCRIPT... LATE SEPTEMBER 2010... LeBron may have changed my mind on this one. In a national interview within the past few days, he told the interviewer he felt his Cleveland fans' anger at the way he handled his free agency was RACIAL.
Oh, Lebron, did you have to pull out that tired old card. It had nothing to do with anything.