Tuesday, May 11, 2010


RAIN... RAIN... RAIN! Mucky as I know its after-effects will be on my gardens, this ceaseless rain makes me think of a poem I wrote years ago during a very sad time. The gist of the poem can be reflected in just two of its lines:
"You could dance in the sunshine and no one would blame you... You could cry in the rain and no one would know."

Then again, rain also makes me think of my 50th birthday, my only birthday party ever. The hostess, my eldest daughter-in-law Chris, had hired a band, and they performed from the garage while we picnicked under party tents.
Afterward, in high spirits, many of the party guests began running to the dance floor (the driveway), and the skies opened up and the rain poured down; it was obviously there for the day.
Never one whose party can be spoiled by anything, my daughter-in-law scurried out with umbrellas... AND WE HAPPILY DANCED IN THE RAIN!

Take a lesson from my daughter-in-law. You really CAN dance in the rain.

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