Monday, April 12, 2010


After an extended, deep-snow, northeast Ohio winter, everyone can use a laugh.
In a woodland near our home, this potty emerged from the melting snow, lying on its side where it had obviously been dumped.
I'd smile every time I passed it, and I was tempted to return sometime after dark, to set the toilet upright and plant bright flowers in it--for the pleasure or displeasure of passers-by, depending on their attitude.
Today I drove by and noticed that a fellow mischief maker had set the toilet upright and accessorized it with a roll of toilet tissue on a rock beside it.
Now when I pass, I'll remind myself the potty sits within feet of the roadway, well within view if a desperate traveller should decide to use it.
And I will chuckle and thank whoever it is that obviously has a devilish mind like my own.

Happy springtime to you all from R.A.T. (Rose About Town)

DAY TWO... 9 a.m. The toilet paper's gone. Make of that what you will.

DAY THREE... Very early in the morning. Now the potty has a toilet brush. (I did marvel at its cleanliness when I first saw it; maybe it has a maid).

DAY FOUR... The toilet paper's back! Wonder if Mr. Mischief will install a toilet paper holder next!

DAY FIVE... The toilet's gone; the paper is still there.

DAY SIX... Now the toilet tissue is gone; the game seems to be over, but I find myself looking at the spot every time I pass it. Which means, it might now be a good spot for a billboard.