Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The U.S. nuclear policy now says that, if another country commits a bio or chemical attack on us, we won't retaliate with nuclear missiles.

We probably WOULDN'T resort to nukes, but our enemies should wonder; it therefore deters them.

In the announcement of the details of ther anti-nuke policy, the administration is apparently endeavoring to set an example that the entire world will follow.

It makes as much sense as my announcing to the world that my home will be unoccupied and undefended... and then expecting my home to remain safe while I am gone... because I TRUST that it will be.

This must be frightening to our allies who have relied on the U.S. nuclear umbrella. That umbrella suddenly seems weak; full of holes. The country holding that umbrella is no longer to be feared.

The administration apparently believes the new policy will be a noble step in the establishment of peace and trust in the world.

If the intent is noble, it is also naive. And dangerous.

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