Friday, October 30, 2009


What more can I say about life in this valley than this photo says FOR me. This is my view as my husband and I drink our morning coffee today.


Those of you who follow this blog know that my night walks with my old dog Jack have meant a lot to me. Started by necessity several years ago because of the frailty of an aging dog, these night walks became surprisingly important; I saw and heard things I had not expected in the darkness of the night, and I became addicted to the night skies, even in winter.
After doing "his business," Jack would walk to my side to lean against my knee and watch whatever I was watching. I was ever a sky person, and Jack became one too. What I was looking at, he was looking at.
Last night for the first time since Jack died, I threw a sweater over my shoulders and went out alone to visit the night sky. The trees were stripped nearly bare, opening the sky to stars and a very bright three-quarter moon that tossed dark tree- shadows across the woodlands and lawns. The night was so bright that I could see the gold of the leaves on the ground, and so still that I could hear the whisper of every autumn leaf under my feet as I walked.
I loved it; Jack would have loved it as well. Soothing as it was, it broke my heart.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The modern American girl can be tomboy or glamour girl, as these two photos prove. Both these photos were taken by me, a doting grandmother; and the tomgirl/girly-girl is my eldest granddaughter (though all my granddaughters, of course, are beautiful). In the Mudbunnies photo, she's the girl on the right, fresh off a ride through the muddy boonies with a friend. In the glamour shot, she's ready to leave for the homecoming dance. I love both sides of this young girl's spirit; who wouldn't?
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