Saturday, September 19, 2009


This morning a good man will be laid to rest in Concord Cemetery where he can welcome us to that green, peaceful neighborhood when our own time comes. He takes with him a quick brain, a loving heart and a million dollar smile. He has been the husband of Karen, the father of Brad, the son of Liz and Rick, and the brother of Melissa. God bless the Bauer family and help them through this troubled time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


After spending hours in doctors offices this afternoon, we left the building after our last appointment.
In the parking lot, our racy red car was not where we'd left it. We knew exactly where we'd parked, but it wasn't there.
We looked and looked and looked again; oh no!we worried; we've had several cars stolen in our long marriage; has it happened again?
Suddenly my husband started to laugh.
"What's so funny about losing that car we enjoy so much?" I snapped.
He looked at me with the biggest grin and reminded me, "We took the TRUCK today!"
(Our well-worn old tan truck was right there where we'd left it).

It made us think of the time Bob's aging aunt had gone to a church bazaar and happily purchased a bright red floral marker for the top of the aerial on her car. It would keep her from losing her in the church parking lot, as she seemed to do every Sunday.
But... when she left the crowded bazaar and went to the parking lot, it was a sea of cars with THE SAME BRIGHT RED FLORAL MARKERS!

Ah... Senior Parking... Not what it was to us when we were young.

Rose about town...just another senior at

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today's the loveliest of autumn days, but I'm in deep reflection.

Yesterday, Bob and I passed a horrible accident and knew someone had died; we sent up a prayer for the person's family and friends. We felt so strangely personal about it, and decided it was probably because we've lived in this small Lake County township for so many years that every siren seems to pose a risk that it is someone we're familiar with.

The victim, we found later, had been legally stopped at a red light behind two trucks and four cars when the semi crashed into the victim's car from behind, with no sign of braking. The little car was crushed into the line of trucks and cars ahead. The debris was not easily recognizable as a car.

Later in the afternoon we learned the 46-year-old victim was a cherished family friend; we had known him for years and had also worked with his family for years, in our business. We heard somebody say that he was the sort of man who could walk into a room and lift your spirits just by being there, no matter what your day had been. And that is true.

So many friends had he attracted in our home community of Concord Township, that we Moores are but a few among the countless broken-hearted. His family is greatly on our minds.

Rose About Town

Monday, September 14, 2009


Through my late entry into the world of email and the internet (about three years ago), I have discovered new things about myself:

-I am the long-lost last heir to many a fortune from rich and royal people in Africa, India, the UK and other places...
-I have won the lottery in many a foreign country, even though I have never purchased a ticket, even in my own state in my own USA....
-I am a lost princess. Queen. Tsarina...
-I am eligible for many free and expensive items, including rare automobiles...

Every day in every way, emails arrive to inform me that I am way more than I thought I was... Eureka!
R.A.T. (Rose About Town)has not responded to any such information and/or offers, but I know they absolutely have to be true.