Saturday, July 25, 2009


I FOUND THIS in my journals today, written in 2006. Fun to share:

A few days ago, a friend emailed me a charming "wet pants" tale that may or may not have been true. I responded with my own wet-pants story...a true one! Thought I'd share it with you:
YEARS AGO, a certain little second-grade girl (guess who) was told to stay behind after eating her lunch; Sister Mary Alice wanted her to help in the classroom. When the work was done, the little girl told Sister she had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad.
Sister refused: "You can wait til after prayer. It's good to learn to discipline yourself."
The little girl by now was crossing her legs and dancing and insisting, "No I can't; I CAN'T; You HAVE to let me go." Sister wouldn't budge
The little girl got through the prayer, then as she hurried toward the door, Sister said, "Sit DOWN! I'll tell you when to leave the classroom!"
As the little girl sat down, the dam broke loose! And from that puddle rose an anguished voice, "I TOLD you I couldn't wait!"
THE NEXT YEAR, the same little girl felt very ill in school. Some of the kids had actually thrown up during the week---humiliating!
Remembering the wet-pants humiliation in 2nd grade, she prayed silently to God, "I'm going to throw up in front of everyone, any minute now; I KNOW I am... Please God, if you can help me get through the day without throwing up in front of my class, I'll become a nun."
Well, the prayer was answered, but the little girl did NOT really want to be a nun. Still, a promise to God was a promise to God.
THE LITTLE GIRL constantly agonized over that promise. Then a few years later, she confessed that story to her teacher, Sister Marjorie. Sister Marjorie gave her a big hug.
"God knows that promise wasn't made freely; it was made from fear," she said."So you don't have to be a nun!... As a matter of fact, I don't think you'd make a very good one... You couldn't get past that vow of obedience!"
SO IT ALL ended happily. I loved that little nun until her dying day.    
Love from "Olde Rose... not a nun."
I share that story easily now. I'm almost 69; I'm past my worries about humiliation! R.A.T. (Rose About Town)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Anyone who's followed this blog knows I sometimes complain about my dog insisting that I take him out for walks when I'm in the middle of something I find more interesting. They also know my dog sometimes ends up being thanked for the reluctant walk, because I often end up seeing things I wouldn't otherwise see.
On one recent evening in deep twilight, he hauled me out into the gloom and dampness. The clouds were all-encompassing and thick with dropping rain, yet as I looked up, these clouds seemed to develop an over-all glow in all directions. Like a bowl of neon.
I walked awhile, and as the dusk grew darker, I saw a brilliant, fiery sunset. Trouble was, I was looking to the NORTH-NORTHEAST; how could that be sunset?
I shared that vision with my husband, who said the color of a setting sun had probably been picked up by the clouds in the same way light enters a prism and throws the colors off in many directions.
Perhaps. His theory seemed reasonable. Still, it was magical and most unusual, no matter what the cause. Once again, I thanked my pesky dog.

R.A.T., (Rose About Town)reassures you that there was no fire in the region that evening to explain the red illusion Jack the Dog and I were witnessing.