Saturday, July 11, 2009


Do YOU have a flowering arborvitae?
  Call this a flowering arborvitae, very rare. Or call it a mischief tree, not so rare when you have a husband with a sense of humor.

  Just before dark yesterday, I had brutally trimmed back a pot full of overly-leggy petunias to shock them into filling in more fully. This morning, I sat down with my morning coffee and glanced out the window at this amazing sight.

   I glanced over at my husband, and his eyes were twinkling; I suddenly knew he had picked up the fallen petunias and set them in the arborvitae for my morning surprise.

   It might have been his revenge on behalf of my now-grown boys. Years ago, they had babied a cactus along as a house plant, and one day I carefully attached a very-real-looking faux flower to the plant for them to find when they arrived home from school.

   They had proudly showed off their flowering cactus at least once before someone spotted the "faux" factor.

    (R.A.T. Rose About Town was never sure the boys really enjoyed the joke, but I did. And today I enjoyed my blooming mischief tree as well.)

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Monday, July 6, 2009


At a picnic yesterday, my husband (recovering from knee replacement) set one crutch down and, using the other crutch, walked to a picnic table nearby. One of the small boys grabbed the crutch on the ground and was told by an adult to "Leave that alone! It belongs to Uncle Bob."

"Well, why can't I play with it?" the boy protested. "Look! He has another one just like it! Doesn't he know about sharing?"

When a full explanation was given to the boy as to how the crutches are used and why Uncle Bob needed both, the boy's face fell.

"Oh," he said. "I thought it was a pogo stick."